About the Creator

     My name is Ryan, I am the creative mind behind “The Orvuds” and several other projects.

     What began in my early high school years in Lexington, Virginia as random ideas and short stories has since evolved into a complete series filled with unique characters, mind-blowing twists and an addicting storyline that currently spans four full books and counting. I am currently working toward an animation adaptation, which was my original plan for the story.

     The original driving force behind the story has always been travel, something I’ve been doing since I was very young. As I visited all of the lower 48 states by car and explored all major cities in the US, the type of story I wanted to write became clearer. International travel began in 2014, as all my life I’d wondered what was on the other side of the ocean from my favorite beach. Once I found out, of course I wanted to know what was even farther beyond that!


     As of March 2020 and before the world shutdown, I’ve been to 100 countries including Iraq, Ukraine, Argentina and Myanmar just to name a few. Due to the pandemic, my plans to visit Afghanistan and South Africa in the latter half of the year were cancelled.

     In my travels I discovered many things and I met so many people from many different nations, many of whom gave me inspiration. I looked at each of the characters in “The Orvuds” as a flesh and blood person, each with their own hopes and dreams. Each with their own name; Fine, Elisane, Refik. When I created their characters, they became like people I knew personally. Throughout the story you will see that while there is a definitive good vs. evil, there are also the ones who are caught in the middle. The ones who had no choice, or no guidance to make the right choice. You will encounter pure souls and you will encounter pure evil. You will meet people who could live for 10,000 years and never be able to atone for what they’ve done, but they’re still trying. All the same as the people who are around us every single day.


     I hope very much that you enjoy this story and that you will help support me as I push forward toward my ultimate goal. Every “like”, share or purchase helps out big time and I appreciate each and every one!

     If you're interested in traveling, I also manage a travel site here.

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