Alex Orvud


Age: 15


Date of Birth: September 1st


Hometown: Burlington, Vermont


Nationality: American


Affiliation: Orvud Family


Blood Type: A-Positive


Aliases: Octavio, Alex Winters.




Status: Dandy

Alex Orvud's Statistics












       Alex has a slightly athletic build and average height for his age with a notable birthmark of sorts which causes his right eyebrow to be bisected near the middle. He's often seen wearing a dark colored hoodie with neon blue el-wire lighting on the trim that casts enough of a glow when active to create sufficient light in darker areas. He has not worn shorts since he was seven years old due to an injury that left behind a long scar on the side of his lower right leg. Depending on the situation, he can also be seen wearing a medley of disguises or gadgets crafted by his friend Trina or his young brother, Zachary.






















     Cocky and impulsive, Alex can usually talk his way out of anything. In his mind, he’s an ace with the ladies, but when he tries to play the charm card on Oculus' attractive female agents, he fails miserably.  Alex is brave and sometimes reckless with his own safety, however he hates putting his friends - especially his little brother Zachary - in harm’s way.  Alex is headstrong, stubborn and has a one-track mind.  He gets frustrated when his big-hearted little brother “wastes time” helping random people that can do nothing to aid their mission in return.  Alex can come off insensitive, although he doesn’t mean to!  He simply gets so focused on the task at hand that he can be oblivious to the feelings of those around him.  His best friend Trina has had a crush on him for years, and he still has no idea!  To him, she is just ‘one of the guys.” Alex has trained in hand to hand combat, and although in need of further training, is quite proficient in muay thai. His goal is simple— Find out what happened to his parents the day they went missing and bring them home safe.

Skills & Abilities

Skill 1: Combat Techniques


     Alex's father taught him several advanced combat techniques resembling Muay Thai and Krav Maga, allowing him to effectively engage an enemy directly if it comes down to it. Despite his training, he only knows enough to defend himself and has never taken on a real opponent.



Skill 2: Tactical Planning


     Like his brother, Alex is able to plan out extensive mission specifics even while going on very little information. Unlike Zachary, his plans usually involve some degree of direct confrontation unless he decides to go for a stealthy approach.



Skill 3: Rage Abilities


     During certain situations where either his brother, Trina or he himself is in incredible danger, Alex seems to know exactly what to do and how to do it. A prime example is him piloting a vehicle he's never had any experience with, such as a motorbike, and pulling off techniques that even a professional must train years to perform. In this state however, he is incredibly vulernable especially if the enemy acts together in a calculated attack against him.





  • Phillip Orvud: Alex and his father were close, learning all of his combat techniques directly from his Dad.

  • Valerie Orvud: Their exact relationship is somewhat unknown, but with the little bit of interaction they had before her disappearance it can be assumed that they were all very close.

  • Zachary Orvud: Undoubtably his best friend, these brothers have a bond that can't be broken. Where Alex fails in the world of techy gadgets, Zachary excels and fills in the gaps much as Alex does the same for Zachary's weak points.

  • Trina Niles: They've been friends for a very long time and she is perhaps the only non-family member Alex has as a friend. Though she has feelings for him, he remains blissfully unaware of this little fact.

  • Alex was the most difficult character to name.

  • He has what is known as "el-wire" fitted into his jacket, allowing him to illuminate a small area around him with the neon blue lighting feature.

  • In the original draft of the series, Alex was much older around the age of 18.