Commander Cortez


Age: 54


Date of Birth: November 8th


Hometown: Havana, Cuba


Nationality: Cuban


Affiliation: Oculus


Blood Type: Unknown


Alias: The Commander




Status: #turtleclub



Colonel Cortez's Statistics












     Cortez is a man with an imposing appearance thanks to his battle armor, cape and sinister glare. His most notable facial feature is of course the long beard, along with his goatee and very long mustache. The shoulder guards were made from two endangered Galapagos tortoises, at his own request. The chest plate he wears is made of solid steel and because of its bulky weight, is insulated with special material to ease the pressure on his shoulders and back. Armor covers his legs with the exception of the area behind his knees, in order to allow for mobility. His boots and gloves are custom made, containing a special nylon material for durability and protection.





















     Cold, calculating and dangerously ambitious, these are the words that define the leader of Oculus. Cortez arrived in the US from Cuba during the 1980's and worked for local crime lords in Miami, before taking them all out and taking over their operations for himself and starting his rise to power in the criminal underworld. He quickly learned from the businesses he took over and soon began employing more members, forming the multi-national organization now known as Oculus. Cortez intends to take control over the United States and its allies, to him it's all about the power and the money. He's known by his inner circle to be a mess when it comes to business affairs and as such, he leaves the Hayamoto Sisters to handle business deals and pitches as well as everyday dealings.

Skills & Abilities



Cortez relies on all three branches of Oculus to keep his organization in total control, using Fine for recruitment, Elisane for income and Dr. Onassis for R&D. The lieutenants of these members are also expected to carry out personal requests by Cortez, in the event he needs an assassin, a new gun or even help with setting up his new Y~fone, Oculus is there for him.



Cortez's massive aerial fortress, it's like a flying aircraft carrier but with far more firepower and defensive gear than any naval (or aerial) vessel on Earth. From bow to stern the massive ship is 3.5 miles long and can carry a crew of 20,000 at full capacity, however the massive cargo holds at the bottom can hold excess of 100,000 should the need ever arise. The engines are capable of taking Cortez from one side of the Earth to the other in just a few hours and are the result of stolen blueprints from Area 51. Four engines keep the ship airborne and two more are used for forward propulsion, with all six being nuclear powered. The ship's underside is outfitted with special exhausts from the engines that create a false cloud layer, allowing it to move unseen across the vast distances. Two sets of air strips sit atop and hang from below the superstructure, just in case Cortez decides to launch a massive attack. Because of the ship's massive size, movement inside is made easier by trams running from one end to the other.






  • Commander Zhukova: They are on good terms with one another, relying on her to keep him in check when his temper gets out of control.

  • Commander Williams: He clashes with Williams quite frequently on many topics, seeing him as reckless and unfit for the title of Oculus' Tertiary Commander.

  • Orvud Family: He detests the Orvud parents for resisting his attempts to obtain what he needs from them, and he hates the Orvud boys even more for their continued and rapid success against him.

  • Akira Hayamoto: Undoubtedly his most trusted lieutenant, Cortez relies on Akira to handle what no one else can.

  • There's a rumor that Cortez requested the turtle shell attachment to his armor because he feared Akira Hayamoto's ambition when she first started working for him.

  • Originally, Cortez was drawn as a very elderly man in the last years of his life, though he was just as ruthless.

  • He has a very difficult time controlling his anger and often throws things across the room or smashes them to bits in a fit of rage.