The Orvuds
Animated Series

To our dear fans,

We are happy to officially reveal that we have been actively working to produce the animated series version of "The Orvuds" since the beginning of Summer 2021.

While this has been a long time goal and was the original intention for the story, we have faced many problems getting to this point. We have had people get involved that we never should have allowed, we've taken advice and criticism from people who never knew anything. That sort of thing is very exhausting, especially when it goes on for years and years. We've been promised many things and even had a successful pitch meeting, only to find their intent was to turn this series into something it isn't and will continue to be the farthest thing from.

Currently, we are working on traditional 2D animation for Chapter 0 which will be released upon completion. We decided to learn the techniques and methods for ourselves rather than waste any more time putting this into someone else's hands just to see it be neglected again. Directly involved in the animation and character redesign is the series creator himself, who will also serve as the primary showrunner and executive producer.

The characters will largely appear the same way as they do in the books, but some will have changes made to their design based on the creator's original vision.

With the exception of a few minor things, all of the content from the books will carry over into the animated version as it originally takes place. 99% of these changes are purely cosmetic, 0% of the main story will change.

As there are only two people involved in the animation process, we ask that you be patient with us. This is a fun and exciting thing, but it has shown its difficult side many times. 

More information will be made public when we believe it is the right time to do so.