Fine Berger


Age: 32


Date of Birth: November 15th


Hometown: Salzburg, Austria


Nationality: Austrian


Affiliation: Oculus


Blood Type: B Negative


Alias: The Face of Oculus


Pronunciation: Fee-nay Bare-ger



Status: Stepping on a Lego.

Fine Berger's Statistics












     Fine is a very tall and slim woman who dazzles her underlings and the world with her stylish outfits. Her blond hair is styled and kept in place by a black headband that has a small magnetic strip on the outside, allowing her to attach her sunglasses to it. She currently sports a black leather jacket with gold buttons and red trim over a red short sleeve turtleneck sweater. Her skirt and leggings are connected to each other like a pair of pants, though the netting is made of some type of very hard crystal which allows her to do extra damage when using her legs in self defense. The scarf she wears as an accessory around her neck is made with an unknown material that allows her to turn it into a blinding strobe light to shake off her enemies. The black boots she wears each have a concealed golden blade under the heel, allowing her to extend and retract it for combat when worst comes to worst.






















     Fashion icon and steady source of Oculus income, Fine serves as a figurehead for recruitment and manages the massive array of transmitters that keep all Oculus broadcasts free of government ears. She's very cautious about her movements and knows that one slip up could lead to the collapse of her fashion empire as well as Oculus coming down on her should the revenue stop flowing, so much so that she's prone to frequent nervous shaking. Fine's start with Oculus is a cloudy subject as everyone in the organization says, it is believed that she didn't join by choice, but was forced into it. Oddities include her ability to walk in extremely high heeled shoes, and her voracious appetite for all cheeses.

Skills & Abilities

Nightvision Shades:


Triple-functional shades that protect against the sun, the blinding flash of her headscarf and act as nightvision glasses.



Crystal Headscarf:


A dazzling accessory she wears as part of her signature look, it has a button that when pushed will emit a blinding flash to stun her attacker.



Heel Blades:


Hidden in her heels, these sharp blades are extended to stick from the heel's bottom and used to deliver lethal muay thai kicks. Fine often only uses them as a last resort, or when she's unable to move her arms.


Muay Thai:


Her signature fighting style that she learned long ago remains a staple in her defense and offense, proving she is far from defenseless and a serious threat when faced alone.




  • Refik Aliji: She mistook him as homeless during their first encounter and gave him some cheese and a place to stay, she is grateful for his loyalty but doesn't socialize with him outside of business.

  • Elisane Garcia: Could be considered close friends by Oculus standards, Fine designs the outfits Elisane uses in her concerts. The two socialize frequently, most often dressed in civilian clothing and attending various clubs around Miami Beach.

  • During the initial development, Fine was completely overlooked when it came to developing her backstory and virtually anything that would make her an interesting character. Of all the main antagonists, she went through the most redevelopment before the series was launched. Nothing remains of her original, "plain" character.

  • Fine has Thanatophobia, the fear of her own death.