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Zachary Orvud


Age: 11


Date of Birth: September 10th


Hometown: Burlington, Vermont


Nationality: American


Affiliation: Orvud Family


Blood Type: B-Positive


     Zachary has a slim build and is a little short for his age, easily recognized by his freckles and bright blue eyes behind his glasses. He wears a black shirt with a purple lowercase B on the front which is a nod to his home town of Burlington. Most of his clothing is in similar fashion and colors either black or neon blue with white and unlike his brother, is frequently seen wearing shorts. The arm band he wears is of his own design and can project a holographic laptop with interface whenever he needs it, though seldom does so in public.


     Zachary is the somewhat shy and timid younger brother of Alex, who has long held an interest in technology including everything from gadgetry to computer hacking. Even at a very young age he has been known to have a seriously scientific mind, never believing in the paranormal or anything that can't be defined by logic. As a result, he was the target of a great deal of bullying even after being removed from public pre-school and being taught at home by his mother. His friends and family often say that his brain works like a supercomputer, as he's able to recalculate certain pieces of his original plan the instant something starts going wrong. However, he finds himself relying on Alex for this as well, since even the best strategies can fail and the only way to take the enemy by surprise is to use his big brother's reckless behavior against them. When it comes to computer hacking, there's no one better and he'll have no problem telling you that himself. He's a bit cocky with his own work but never resorts to demeaning his friends over it, though his enemies don't get the same treatment.

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