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Valerie Orvud


Age: 44


Date of Birth: May 19


Hometown: Charlotte Amalie, US Virgin Islands


Nationality: American


Affiliation: FBI


Blood Type: O-Negative


     Valerie is a thin woman of average height who is not so easy to pick out in public, tending to blend in with a basic hairstyle rather than something that would make her stand out. She is known by her family to wear basic clothes with only one color per item and has never been seen in recent years to wear anything with a logo or design.


     Valerie is a somewhat difficult person to read when you meet her, as she's often seen with a serious expression characteristic of a federal agent, for obvious reasons. However, Valerie appears to be very fun-loving and goes out of her way to make sure her family has a good time whenever they may venture out. She's very protective of her kids, going so far as to pull them both from the public system and start homeschooling when Alex and another boy got into a fight. Perhaps unknown to her family, Valerie seems to suffer with PTSD-style moments due to a currently unknown trauma in her past.

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