As the title implies, this section is compiled from the most popular questions asked regarding the series. If there is something you'd really like to know but do not see listed, you can always contact us. As the series gains popularity, this section will grow as well. All of the following have been answered by the series creator personally.


What about the anime version?


As of May 2019, I'm in the process of putting together a story board and preparing to pitch the series to production companies that handle anime specifically and are able to work with a project of this scale. The anime will be loyal to all of the books, there is little deviation aside from an extra line here or there. In some cases, later chapters may be adapted into earlier episodes to better flow with a character's story arc.


What do the book versions cover?


The first two books in the series cover one-hundred chapters. They are basically the entire first season of the anime adapted into book versions. There are a total of six books in the entire series of "The Orvuds". 


How did this idea come about?


I've been travelling since at least 6yrs old, having seen a great deal of the United States and having a vast knowledge of places across the world made it easy to come up with ideas. Visiting these places directly has helped more than anything else, random occurances even played a part in building to the story.


Why is it called "The Orvuds" now?


The last few names never really clicked for me, as none of the "suggested" titles had anything to do with the kids or their story. Ultimately, I had to change their last names to something simple to pronounce but also something that defined the kids in some way. The origin of the name "Orvud" is mentioned within the first few chapters of Book 1 by a major antagonist


Does past anime casting still stand?




Can I appear as a background character?


This is a special privilege I only bestow upon people who have gone above and beyond to assist me in any way through the course of this "development hell". However, in the future I plan on running special events for fans to have the chance of being drawn in to a chapter or as an extra in an episode.


How do I make an animation series?


You need to do a couple of things, and I'm basing these on personal experience and as if you've already gotten your storyline down from start to finish. You need a killer pilot script that not only gets the reader/viewer's attention, but you also need to develop each character involved enough to where if you took the names off of your script and read them- each character would sound entirely different to the point you can identify them without names. Catchphrases and speech patterns are key parts of developing characters outside of their story lines. The next thing you need is a killer, but short Series Bible. It's like a business plan or operating manual for your show that includes a logline, synopsis, brief character bios, brief summary of the setting and a blurb on your episodes, covering only your first season which can range from 12 to 24 episodes or more depending on how long each one is be it 11minutes or 22minutes. One you have these things, safeguard your work by using the Library of Congress (if USA) copyright service and for your script, use the WGA. It's a good idea to have some professional sketches of your main characters to add to the series bible as well, just don't add too many characters or it will seem confusing (and therefor less appealing) to the person reading your script. Once you're ready to start submitting, think of what channel you see your series airing on and look at the shows they currently air. Who animates and distributes them? Those are the companies you want to pitch to. This part is the most difficult, as some are invitation only and others only accept pitches during events. You will run into terms like "Serialized". Serialized means your series follows a set episode path, rather than randomly airing an episode with no intent to continue onward from that story. Ultimately, DO NOT surrender creative control. Also, NEVER PAY TO SUBMIT A PITCH! People will tell you that you have to surrender some of it and that's not true, walk away from people like that. All in all, it's up to you to make the choices for yourself and for your project. Personally, I took myself out of the animation ring because I had people trying to change my storyline and characters for moronic reasons, some of the most moronic: #3 "You have too many people with accents, that will annoy the viewer.", #2 "There's too much mystery with this character, change her so she's an average girl.", #1 "That character's socks look bad, change it and come back to us". See what I mean? That's the kind of stupidity I faced. The final thing you really need when creating a series, is patience. Seriously. I wrote this series back in 2008 just for fun and spent nearly 8years developing it before it got somewhere. You'll face good times and bad, and of course be annoyed beyond what you can handle sometimes, but push through. If you're determined enough, you can make it happen on your own. I hope the advice I have offered helps in some way.


How many episodes did you write originally?


Exactly 886 over the course of the past eight years. There will be nowhere near that many in the manga or anime, as some were recycled to add to parts of Season 1 and pretty much everywhere else in the story. Some were restructured entirely and some were scrapped, as I got more experienced with writing I knew what should be in a script and some of the ones I wrote long ago weren't up to my new standards of personal expectance. It's okay to be picky. If you don't like something you wrote, what makes you think anyone else will? As always, be confident!


What inspires you to write?


People, places and things I've seen. The gallery that's on here shows maybe an eighth of the inspirational places I've been, as many were lost in a horrible house fire in 2011. Traveling to fascinating places like Colombia and Ukraine definitely helped a lot. Most all of the characters you'll see in this series are based on people I've met in real life, though their personalities and desires vary greatly when it comes to the evil ones.


How do you travel so frequently?


I have a few travel secrets, especially when it comes to airlines, hotels and high speed trains. Even with that though, I still have to plan endlessly for my trips to ensure I'm always where I need to be. I never fly first class though, once was enough and it was miserable with those snobs.

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