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Reader Reviews

Our readers range in age from 7 to 96 and they have a few things they'd like to say about that!

Please feel free to get in touch with us to have your review added as well, we add new ones with each update to the website.

Charlotte, Age 7

"I really liked the book, Trina is my favorite character and so is Fine but I just wish she wasn't a bad guy."

The Orvuds: Book One

Paul, Age 38

"Great story, great artwork. Went on and bought the next three books together so I don't have to wait."

The Orvuds: Book One

William, Age 26

"The story is great! If you like a lot of subtle foreshadowing and character development I highly recommend this whole series!"

The Orvuds: Book One

Marlaina, Age 42

"Love the characters! There is a lot of content so I made notes to look back at and there is a TON of mystery that you will overlook on your first read!"

The Orvuds: Book Two

Dylan, Age 9

"I like how you never know what's gonna happen next and the way Refik talks always makes me laugh and so does Auntie Margaux. I hope she is in the next one more."

The Orvuds: Book Two

Sadie, Age 11

"I like that you can relate to the bad guys because some of them aren't really evil but they just got mixed up in the wrong thing to make their dreams come true."

The Orvuds: Book One

Emma, Age 96

"A good story that also teaches kids about real places."

The Orvuds: Book One

Dex, Age 16

"Cool how things get more serious with each book. Like the tone gets darker as you go on and you see that with how some of the characters are talking to each other different from when it all started.

The Orvuds: Book Three

Carrie, Age 24

"Love how there is a mixture of realism and fantasy while keeping things on the more realistic side in the end. A lot of the points made by the characters are very relevant to some of the things actually happening in the world today."

The Orvuds: Book Four

Jacob, Age 14

"Cool characters and story, this would make a really cool video game."

The Orvuds: Book One

Jaynie, Age 20

"Relatable characters and some good life lessons and advice in there. I'm probably the only one in the Alta Hideva fanclub lol"

The Orvuds: Book Three

Edward, Age 71

"I really like the hidden stuff in some of the illustrations, I've been trying to find something in each one."

The Orvuds: Book Two

Miles, Age 20

"Gotta go with Ilse as my favorite character but I'm wondering what she's really up to and I hope she doesn't pull a Williams on Oculus."

The Orvuds: Book Five

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