Laika: A Story in the Stars

Created by Ryan & Logan Fix


Follow the adventures of Laika and her two friends; Milo and Faye, as they explore the mysteries of their shrinking world that is constantly under attack from a vicious horde of parasitic creatures known as “The Virus”!

This exciting new series is the brainchild of two awesome brothers who came up with the idea while playing Minecraft! 

The story has nothing to do with the game at all of course, we just created our own world there and started writing a story together about the people er... animals that live there!

I should probably clarify that last part, right? Here's a little more info:

The world you are about to discover is quite different than our own. Humanity does not exist on this planet, but the animals that live here all have human-like traits. They can speak, walk upright and perform tasks just like we can!

There are many different species too, even the main characters are diverse. Laika is a dog who is part husky and part terrier, while her friends Milo and Faye are a ferret and calico cat!

Oddly enough, it seems that some animals such as horses behave the same way as they do on Earth. But why? There are mysteries all over the place…


“A surprise attack on the Ekrense District leaves the underwater city’s dome fractured and falling apart. As the city plunges into chaos during the evacuation, hordes of the deadly virus begin their assault when the flood waters begin to rise. Can Laika rescue her friends and escape the doomed city in time, or will someone be left behind and at the mercy of the parasite? ”


“A scratch on her arm has left Laika’s future uncertain, as the higher-ups of the Exploration Unit have taken her into custody and quarantined her in the Rialta District. Luckily, these soldiers are smart enough to keep this a secret from the government officials who would rather toss her over the barriers instead. However, the recent disasters have led to the rise of a crazed cult that seems to have eyes and ears everywhere, especially on Laika…”

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