Phillip Orvud


Age: 46


Date of Birth: June 4th


Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana


Nationality: American


Affiliation: FBI


Blood Type: A-Positive


Alias: Infinite Coconut




Status: Phresh



Phillip Orvud's Statistics












     Phillip is a tall man with the physique of an army recruit, recognizable by his buzzcut and green-tinted shades. Outside of work, he is known to wear rather unusual clothing and is known as a "local tourist" by his neighbors, wearing everything from Hawaiin flower shirts to "I Love Vermont" sweaters.


     He's one of those guys who always has something funny to say, or so he thinks. Not everyone gets his humor and some, especially his wife, take it the wrong way. That aside, he's a fun-loving guy who'd rather stay home and spend time with his family instead of traveling the world on top secret missions. On missions, he's known to retain his humor even in the heat of a fight. However, if his family is threatened, everything about him changes. He goes into a state of extreme focus and determination, a trait he most definitely passed down to Alex. When his loved ones are threatened, there is no way failure can be an option.

Skills & Abilities

Advanced Combat Techniques:


Included as part of his training before entering into field service for the FBI, Phillip is trained to take on any hostile in close combat. His fighting style closely resembles Krav Maga but appears to have a mix of several fighting styles implemented. He later trained with his son Alex to pass on the skill, hoping to do the same for Zachary if he ever decides he's willing to learn.





  • Valerie Orvud: Married for years now, Phillip and his wife have endured everything from high school to the FBI training courses and have made a life together. He's always tried to make her laugh by saying something he believes is funny, only to offend her in some way that results in a short period of awkward silent treatment.

  • Alex and Zachary Orvud: His kids are his life, spending as much time with them as he can. While he and Alex bond well over combat training, he has always had difficulty bonding with Zachary due to him being uninterested in the physical aspect of top-secret missions.


  • While Phillip is essentially the office clown by FBI standards, he's also one of the most effective and hardest working agents in the bureau.

  • He ranks second within the FBI's top five agents. The person who outranks him is none other than his wife, Valerie.