Sassy the Ferret

Created by Ryan Fix


A young boy flees a world he fears and somehow ends up in another one, entirely populated by animals that behave just like humans! Among these animals, he recognizes a ferret that in his previous life, had been his only friend up until she passed away.

Follow the adventures of Scottie as he explores a brand new world with his friend he though he'd lost long ago!

The theme of this story is that some kids need an escape from their everyday reality, be it due to bullies or hardships. As a child, I had my own escape in the form of a world I created in which Sassy (who was in fact my pet & only friend at the time) goes on adventures with me.

Over the years I wrote down many notes on these little stories, and now they're being turned into my latest book series! The only real change, is that in place of the fictional brothers I had in this world back then, I have replaced them with my actual brothers Ethen & Carsen. Oddly enough, they talk and act just like the brothers I had created in the story so long ago!

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“As a young boy flees a world he fears, he is found in another by a pet he thought he lost long ago! In this strange world where animals behave as humans, Scottie’s long lost pet ferret welcomes him with open arms. However, there is a threat looming in the form of Calley, a calico cat whose desire for revenge against the ferrets has reached a boiling point. Her army of the undead will eventually reach the valley, which is why Sassy and her sisters are in a frantic and desperate search for anything to help them.Unfortunately, the answer to their problem lies in the heart of the Pitch Black Forest…”

“Following Calley Mao’s defeat at the hands of Carsen and his accidental activation of the Plant Rune, Ebbs uncovers the location of yet another powerful relic! Their next mission takes them underground and into cavern filled with billions of shimmering gems, though they quickly discover that they are not the first ones to have explored the caves. Visitors from the long-forgotten past may have taken their treasure across the ocean, or perhaps even, to the very bottom of it."

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