Trina Niles


Age: 16


Date of Birth: June 6th


Hometown: Burlington, Vermont


Nationality: American


Affiliation: Orvud Family


Blood Type: B Negative


Alias: Unknown




Status: Pretending your lumpy couch is comfortable.



Trina Niles' Statistics












     Trina is a girl of average height and has a slightly athletic build. She usually keeps her hair tied back to keep it out of her eyes during missions, but will allow it to drop down for disguise or general relaxation purposes. Her outfit is part of the Tirana Fashion Line and has a unique look to it; She wears a seafoam green undershirt with a black long sleeve shirt over top. The shoulders of her overshirt have white flaps with seafoam trim, serving only as decoration. She wears a pink tie with a seperate piece of green cloth to tie it toward the center, splitting the tie and giving it two tails. Her black skirt has a wavy design to it and also has the signature seafoam color around the trim, as well as on the trim of her long socks that nearly reach her knees.






















Trina is kind and energetic, but a bit of a worrier when it comes to mission planning. She tends to avoid the dangerous aspects of mission objectives in favor of something that wont put her friends in danger, worrying more about them than for herself. Trina tends to hide her emotions very well, trying to cover up her true hollow self due to her turbulent home life having sucked the life out of her over the years. One thing she doesn't hide too well is jealousy, brought on when other girls take an interest in her crush, who just happens to be traveling with her. Within the group, she serves as the voice of reason and finds herself forced to take a stand when Alex or Zachary plan something far too extreme based on their emotions or recent events.

Skills & Abilities

Disguise Crafting:


Among Trina's many traveling suitcases is one that holds an unknown amount of material that she uses to craft any needed outfit needed for a specific mission. She's able to sew together the cloth and flawlessly match the target design, making everything from a 1980's club outfit to an exact replica of the Oculus uniform.





Her deadly aim with a bow and arrow comes from her own hobby, finding it a great stress reliever and perfecting it over the years. While she's used to the normal equipment, she has no trouble with using the high-tech compound bow once used by Valerie Orvud on her own missions around the world.





Even though she dropped out of gymnastics, Trina held on to her acrobatic ability and is able to use this skill to scale structures and gain vantage points for a sure shot at her target. Her upper body strength isn't that great, but she's light enough to pull off difficult maneuvers without much strain on her arms.





  • Alex Orvud: They've been friends for a long time, long enough for her to develope a secret crush on him. While they sometimes clash on mission objectives and his reckless style, she has come to rely on his wild card strategies to get them out of tough spots. His obliviousness to her true feelings cause her great frustration, as he has no trouble flirting with a few pretty faces during their journey.

  • Zachary Orvud: Although she is a family friend of the Orvuds, she and Zachary apparently have a rough bit of history that has led to the two of them not being very close. Trina pays less attention to it than he does, and instead sees him as incredibly valuable due to his complex planning and tactics.

  • Valerie and Phillip Orvud: Being a family friend, it is assumed that she was quite close to the Orvud parents as well. Based on little conversations with the boys, it's evident that she bonded more with Valerie than with Phillip.

  • Trina was originally drafted as a Dutch exchange student named Inga, who served the same purpose as she does now with the exception of her archery skill. Through her design process, she has always had a pink/green/black color scheme.

  • When Trina asks a question, she often ends it with "huh?" or "yeah?". She does this to make sure that whoever she is talking to knows she is asking them a question and is expecting an answer.