Valerie Orvud


Age: 44


Date of Birth: May 19


Hometown: Charlotte Amalie, US Virgin Islands


Nationality: American


Affiliation: FBI


Blood Type: O-Negative


Alias: Formidable Dawn




Status: Uncomfortable



Valerie Orvud's Statistics












     Valerie is a thin woman of average height who is easily recognized by her hairstyle, pulled back into a tight bun with it draping down over the right side of her face and parted, raised bangs. She is known by her family to wear basic clothes with only one color per item and has never been seen in recent years to wear anything with a logo or design.


     Valerie is a somewhat difficult person to read when you meet her, as she's often seen with a serious expression characteristic of a federal agent, for obvious reasons. However, Valerie appears to be very fun-loving and goes out of her way to make sure her family has a good time whenever they may venture out. She appears to be very protective of her kids, going so far as to pull them both from the public system and start homeschooling when Alex and another boy got into a fight.

Skills & Abilities

Advanced Combat:


     From her training in the FBI, Valerie gained the skills needed to defend herself and deal with enemy targets. Her fighting style is strangely different from her husband's despite them being in the same group together, resembling the Brazlian martial art; Capoeira.



Bumper Car Champ:


     Self-proclaimed and proven in practice, Valerie takes Bumper Cars seriously. Often to the point where she is asked to leave when she begins taunting potential riders, she refuses to admit she has a problem despite video evidence and criticism from concerned local mothers.





     She puts up with her husband, doesn't that say enough?




  • Phillip Orvud: They've been through everything together, literally. From their training days in the FBI to parenthood, they've withstood it all.

  • Alex & Zachary Orvud: She's overprotective and very close to both of her boys, always making sure to spend equal time with them every day and sit down with them when she knows something is bothering them.


  • The image of Valerie at the top of the page is the first real design she has ever had, as neither of the Orvud parents were written to appear in the original anime episodes of the first season when all of the other characters were drawn, similar to Phillip. However, unlike her husband who was given a design from scratch, Valerie's design came from a recycled version of the character that is now Xylin Hayamoto.

  • She and the Hayamoto sisters have a similar hairstyle, perhaps due to the note above.

  • Valerie is known to hold grudges for years. Her husband once made the mistake of joking about her size when she was pregnant with Alex, and she has burnt his toast ever since.


  • Valerie is the number one field agent of the FBI's top five. She even surpasses her husband, who sits just below her at second rank.